Building A Career In Event Management In Canada

Event planning and management has come a long way. Gone are the days when people behind the scenes who got the job done were not in limelight and remained anonymous. Nowadays, the field offers great recognition, handsome pay packages and creative satisfaction.

The event industry is rapidly growing with no signs of slowing down. Events not only create mass awareness but also stimulate economies, promote tourism, generate revenue, involve public and promote art and culture. Event management may include planning, organizing and marketing for festivals, conferences, sports tournaments, fashion events, fitness and recreation programs and organizing weddings, meetings and parties.

The employment prospects in this industry are bright. Both individuals and businesses outsource the job of event planning and organizing to professionals who quickly get the job done, ensuring everything is done flawlessly. The best part is that the event planners no longer remain unnamed. In fact, a career in event planning brings great rewards and recognition.

Building a Career in Event Management in Canada

Although there has been a significant increase in the job opportunities in this field but the job market is more competitive than ever. Individuals interested in building a career in this field are expected to have a thorough understanding of event planning, marketing, budgeting, logistics, networking and operations.


The professionals are expected to have undergone specialized education and training in this field. In fact, this is the minimum requirement to enter the world of work. A postgraduate program in event management – festival and conference prepares students for rewarding careers in this exciting and rapidly growing industry.

The one-year program in event management covers a wide range of subjects, including event marketing – festival and conference, volunteer and team building coordination, sponsorship development, networking and industry relations, event budgeting, risk and security management, site logistics and operations management, programming community and cultural festivals, events and conferences, creativity and innovation and communications and media planning.

Wise Advice On E-commerce Solutions

Nowadays, when the Internet is continuously developing, in order to keep up with the competition, it’s absolutely necessary to adopt e-commerce solutions. The web is a gigantic market with international opening and, ignoring it, not only could it make you lose any competitive advantage you may have, but could lead you to failure. E-commerce solutions are not sophisticated tools used only by a small number of people. They are common sense for most businessmen.

There are a lot of methods of defining e-commerce solutions. They can represent ways to allow institutions to sell their products over the Internet or to enable financial transactions using the personal computer. E-commerce solutions can be software tools that make business over the web easier. They can represent companies which host web sites or which offer support to other young companies.

Choosing the most appropriate e-commerce solutions can be a difficult task taking into consideration the large number of options. You have to understand the market, the role played by you on that specific market at certain time, the aim of your company, the competition and a lot of other factors. All these can determine you to pick one or more e-commerce solutions which will transform your business into a profitable and well known one.

One of the most simple e-commerce solutions that your company could embrace is allowing customers to purchase your products and buy online just by visiting your website. Developing an online store can be very profitable if you pay attention to the needs of your customers and to other details. First of all, you would have to offer a multitude of possibilities of payment. Without e-commerce solutions for this problem, the number of clients who are willing to buy from your online store will diminish. Credit card payment, which is so popular nowadays, must not be an issue, and other options must be at hand as well.

Web sites designed according to e-commerce solutions may receive payments in 2 ways: accept money via the Internet through the merchant account or accept credit cards and use a third party the credit card processor. The Internet merchant account is provided by a bank that gives you the possibility to accept credit cards as well. So, to process credit card transactions over the Internet, the business owner has to have a merchant account. The same merchant account is necessary in other card not present” sales as mail, phone or fax.

Web transactions and credit card processing require more than just a merchant account. The website which addresses clients has to have a shopping cart, products for sale, hosting and the specific account for that, e-mail, a business checking account, an Internet payment gateway and certified software. How does it work? Clients visit the site and use the options offered by e-commerce solutions. They select a product, add it to the shopping cart and record their personal and financial details via a secure form. The payment gateway service sends the submitted info to the financial networks and, if the transaction is possible, the customer’s account is debited and the merchant account is credited. Later, the money can be transferred from the merchant account into the business checking account. Everything is simple thanks to the e-commerce solutions.

Another concern of the e-commerce solutions is the security. Many persons are afraid to purchase products online because of the increased Internet fraud. The customers must feel safe in order to give you their money without traditional contact. You can make this possible by an almost perfect security system known among the targeted clients.

The e-commerce solutions which enable the customers to perform payment over the Internet using their credit cards are benefic for e-commerce businesses. This is explained by the simplicity of online transactions and by the fact that more and more people own credit cards nowadays. You must take into consideration the type of credit cards your e-commerce solutions accepts through your account, and it’s advisable to accept the major brands like Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. Of course, these transactions need to be protected because the customers’ personal data has to remain private. Nowadays, that can be done by an improved solution called Secure Socket Layer that fully protects e-based transactions. Thus, the fear of the credit card information being intercepted strongly diminishes.

With feared competition, online stores are forced to look for other payment options that can satisfy the potential customers who do not have a credit card. Online payment transactions can be done through debit cards, digital cash or online checks.

No matter the e-commerce solutions your company chooses to face competition with, to attract new customers or just to maintain a constant level of sales, a lot of thinking should be done. It is not wise to neglect options which could offer amazing opportunities.